Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area since 1994. Over the last 19 years, Max Mechanical has grown into one of the most reputable residential and commercial air conditioning companies in Arlington, TX. Their air condition services include HVAC installation, repair, preventative maintenance, and performance ac tune-ups. Max Mechanical is a Christian based company that is an accredited business member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
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Garland Power & Light Program Can Save Homeowners over $800 On Their Next A/C or Heat Pump

Homeowners and small businesses who are customers of Garland Power & Light and concerned about spending too much on heating and cooling are cordially invited to take advantage of a program by Garland Power & Light called the Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Program. This program pays bill credits to encourage customers to install energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Learn more at

Why Hiring An Licensed Air Conditioner Contractor in Dallas Is the Right Decision

Why sometimes you need to skip the DIY repair and call a professional. In our latest blog article we look at the top benefits of calling a licensed air conditioner contractor in Dallas, like Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating to make the right repairs. Read Why Hiring an HVAC Specialist Is the Right Decision

How To Choose The Right Air Filter

We take a look at the four most common types of air filters and explain which air filter is the best for your particular home environment. Also, remember to change your air filter regularly! A clogged air filter can harm or even worse break your system and require air conditioning repair. So go ahead and check out our latest article, Choosing the Right Air Filters